The History of Visual Technology 4th edition (FREE!)

The History of Visual Technology (4th edition)
Jim Janossy

This is a workbook that contains supplemental readings and assignments. The written homework is forms-based and helps you gather facts from the readings in The Story of Art, workbook, and links to video lectures and tutorials. This book is free to students in .pdf form (note that earlier edition ARE NOT the same and cannot be used for the course; previous editions are incompatible). CLICK HERE to download this free book, which is 175 pages and about 18 Mb. in size.

How to read this electronic book in two-facing page format
If your viewing screen is laptop size or larger you may find this electronic book most convenient to read in two-facing page format, which resembles a printed book as it lays open for reading, similar to this picture:

You can easily do this using the free Adobe Reader. Here is how your screen looks to make this setting:
You first click View, then Page Display, then Two-Page View as you see here in steps 1, 2, and 3. This setting will remain in effect for your viewing session. The two settings (Show Gaps Between Pages and Show Cover Page in Two Page View) at step 4 are also very useful. I suggest setting both of those as shown so that the cover will appear as a single page, and the subsequent pages in facing-page form, just as you would experience with a printed book or magazine. To make these settings you have go into Page Display multiple times; the menus disappear after making each setting.