Meet Jim Janossy

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I maintain a separate web site apart from any class I teach, where I post information about some of the hardware and software relevant to classes. I also have information there about me, my background, and some of the books and workbooks I have authored. CLICK HERE if you would like to explore that web site. Just as with my class web sites, this web site is open to all.

I provide a lot of download links at that web site for superb free software such as LibreOffice, a modern, capable, and well supported free alternative to Microsoft Office, which can save students a lot of money. LibreOffice is available for all type of computers, including Windows/PCs, Macs, and Linux systems. I also update information there on laptops I have evaluated for suitability for student purposes, and recommendations based on my research and experience, and give links to tutorials on video editing software.

New to online learning? I think you'll enjoy learning in the format I use for course material and with the "mentoring" pedagogy I employ. Every assignment in the course is repeatable; I give you feedback and an initial score, you can revise your work using my feedback and resubmit it, and I will re-grade it. I think most people learn better this way, and do better this way!