Helpful Hints

Last updated October 30, 2017

I sometimes post things here as the course proceeds, starting with a short welcome video. There are two sections: the first for moving ahead with the course content, and the second for general helpful hint items. 

FEATURED: Video introduction to the class by the instructor, Jim Janossy. This refers to the general reference helps below. (video, 11 minutes)

Welcome e-mail, EXAMPLE grade listing (use as checklist!)

GPH-205 course background

An assignment checklist (one-page .pdf )

Focus your thinking with the USF forms (e-mail transcript; one-page .pdf )

Questions and answers about the course

Welcome to students who just enrolled! (getting started quickly!)

Problems finding info on the North Africa civilization? Information on this is found ONLY in the required video viewing for Unit 1, item #1.6 at the Unit 1 course web page, which leads you to:

A little help with Sumerian history: Download this one-page .pdf in which I summarize a lot of facts from the videos on this topic: Click here

Answers to common questions at about week 3 in the term in the vicinity of the typical Unit 1 deadline (one page .pdf, 112 Kb)

Project 4 Part 2 help: A LIST OF RENAISSANCE/BAROQUE ARTISTS! Click here to download a one-page .pdf listing of Renaissance and Baroque artists! This is from an appendix at the end of the 16th edition of The Story of Art, but older editions and the pocket editions may not have that reference, so here it is for everyone!

More Project 4 Part 2 help: A CHECKLIST! Click here to download a one-page .pdf that shows you the nature of the 10 example paintings you need to locate, so you can make sure you have assembled the correct type of example paintings!


Guidelines for working in a team-of-two (one-page .pdf)

Problems finding a copy of The Story of Art? You should be able to find it at any ordinary bookstore, it's a common book, not a college text. Public libraries also have it and I donated eight copies to the DePaul Library for student use. ANY EDITION of The Story of Art works for this course! You can order it in the pocket edition if you prefer a smaller-type book, it's got the same content just smaller print and images. Visit the "Books" link on the course home page "Start the course" line. You need The Story of Art as soon as you start working on the course! My lectures go from the preface and introduction through Chapter 25 in it. My lectures provide nearly all of the pictures from The Story of Art and complement the book, but they aren't a substitute for it. But if you don't have the book, the lectures can get you started. Just get to the course web site at

While any edition of The Story of Art works for this course, you specifically need the 4th EDITION of The History of Visual Technology workbook because I developed that edition as the workbook for the online version of this course. The first, second and third editions of the workbook are no longer current for the course as now conducted but Amazon still carries them as used books. Don't buy for this class! The 4th edition is FREE in electronic form via the course web site!